[aur-general] [REVIEW REQUEST] python-viivakoodi

Eli Schwartz eschwartz93 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 00:41:06 UTC 2016

On 11/27/2016 06:10 PM, Quentin Bourgeois wrote:
> With this, I come with a simpler PKGBUILD[0] in which I push
> modifications you advised. I also removed some dependencies that are
> used for code coverage and building documentation, which I do not
> install for now.
> Did we get to something good ?
> [0] https://git.bourgeois.eu/aur_python_viivakoodi.git/tree/

Err, why do both split packages provide 'python2-viivakoodi'? One of
them already is 'python2-viivakoodi', and the other by definition
doesn't supply it, being Python 3.

You declare setuptools as a makedepends only, but I hate to inform you
that setuptools-installed packages have a runtime dependency on
setuptools to launch their console scripts. (This is the downside of
having python itself be capable of generating the entry point launchers
in a cross-platform manner -- rather than using your own python scripts
with file extensions, then assuming Linux users will be happy with the
extension and Windows users will be able to launch a non-binary.)

For module-only python packages, it is only a makedepends... for
packages which ship with console_scripts you need it at runtime as well,
otherwise the console_scripts will fail trying to import pkg_resources.

You can either have each split package depend on python{,2}-setuptools,
or depend on both that and the python{,2} package itself. I have seen it
done both ways.


There are still some optional style preferences, like leaving a line of
whitespace after the "# Maintainer:" line and reusing the "$url"
variable in the source array. Feel free to take that or leave it, though. :)
Also, I don't usually see people initializing an array with += but it
isn't like that is harmful.
Also, the permissions mode in chmod/install assumes leading zeroes, so
you don't need to explicitly say those licenses are lacking in
suid/sticky attributes.

Eli Schwartz

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