[aur-general] NicoHood goes on holidays

NicoHood aur-general at nicohood.de
Fri Sep 23 09:52:24 UTC 2016

Hey guys,
thanks for voting me as new TU recently, I hope we all have a good time
together. :)

A small update from my current ArchLinux work: I've been working hard to
push my first package (arduino) to the community repository, but my PGP
key is not signed yet and we were also discussing on how to improve the
package on the TU IRC. There is probably a bug with the avr-gcc package
that I need to fix first and then the package needs to be packaged
different than before. In the end its getting even better hopefully.

But for now I am going on holidays for about 1~3 weeks with limited/no
access to my emails/internet. Its been over a year now since my last
real holdiday, so I hope you all understand :) I try to at least push
another arduino update on AUR which had a new release yesterday.


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