[aur-general] Intellij IDEA Ultimate's

Reto Kaiser reto at retokaiser.com
Thu Feb 2 19:38:33 UTC 2017

(Mailing list didn't accept my message, sorry for sending it again)

I've created the "-bundled-jre" version of the IDEA package after
discussion with the maintainer of the "-ultimate-edition" version

Some people want to have the bundled JRE, others would like to use a
system-wide installed JRE. The extra package "intellij-jdk" is not
guaranteed to be the same version than was shipped with the specific IDE.

Together with "pschichtel" we came up with yet another approach using
split- and meta-packages: The main package is
"intellij-idea-ultimate-edition" and depends on
"intellij-idea-ultimate-edition-jre-meta". This JRE meta package is not a
real package, but it is provided by two other packages:
- intellij-idea-ultimate-edition-jre-bundled: The JRE bundled with the
Jetbrains download.
- intellij-idea-ultimate-edition-jre-system: The default "java-environment"

Code can be found here:

I think it would be best to use this to create a single package
"intellij-idea-ultimate-edition". What do you think?


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