[aur-general] [review-request] moolticute

Quentin Bourgeois quentin at bourgeois.eu
Tue Feb 7 17:37:16 UTC 2017


Still about the moolticute packaging I am in a situation where
different tools (that will leave in different Arch package) will needs
access to the device. For that, I am considering moving the udev rules
in other package[0] and make every tools depend on the former[1].

I only see android-udev that perform the same thing, am I doing this
right ?


[0] https://git.bourgeois.eu/aur_mooltipass_udev.git/tree/PKGBUILD
[1] https://git.bourgeois.eu/aur_moolticute.git/tree/PKGBUILD#n12
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