[aur-general] Couldn't reset AUR password

Vitaliy Berdinskikh ur6lad at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 09:23:24 UTC 2017


Some years ago I managed few AUR packages then I abandoned them. Now I want
to update these packages and maybe add few new but cannot login to AUR as I
fogot my password.

I've tried to reset the password, the site said
Check your e-mail for the confirmation link
but I didn't receive any e-mails.

How can I reset my password for AUR?

Login: ur6lad
E-mail: <login>@gmail.com (or maybe <login>@archlinux.org.ua but
archlinux.org.ua now is down)

Vitaliy Berdikskikh AKA UR6LAD <http://ur6lad.co.ua/>

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