[aur-general] Review and a bit of other help request

Uwe Koloska kolewu at koloro.de
Wed Mar 29 20:36:05 UTC 2017

Hi Konstantin,

sorry for not being clear enough for you to understand what I wanted to say.

I haven't looked at your PKGBUILD but just tried to give you some hints
from where you may be able to find the cause of your trouble.

Maybe I should try again ;-)

PKGBUILD is just a bash script that is sourced by the bash-script
makepkg.  So all things true for a bash script are true for PKGBUILD.

If a command started by the script is supposed to use some variable from
the environment, this variable has to be exported in the script
(anywhere in all the files that are sourced by makepkg).

So, if make is not able to pick up the variable MAKEFLAGS from the
environment, the only explanation is, that the variable is not part of
the environment, when make is started.  And this is only possible if it
was never exported or the export is removed before make is started.

And this removal is only possible from the shell that runs makepkg (and
have sourced /etc/makepkg.conf and your PKGBUILD).  No process started
from the script (e.g. cmake, mentioned by you) is able to manipulate the
environment of the script!

That's all.  And now it's your part to use this information and search
for the reason, why MAKEFLAGS is not part of the environment, when make
is started.

In the meantime I have looked into the makepkg script.  And there I
found these two interesting pieces in run_function:

	# clear user-specified makeflags if requested
	if check_option "makeflags" "n"; then

and then

	# ensure all necessary build variables are exported

So MAKEFLAGS *is* exported and so should be available in the environment
of make when started by the script -- *if not* the option "!makeflags"
is given, then it always isempty (but exported!).

So, if you don't have this option set, there is nothing in makepkg that
unsets or unexports MAKEFLAGS and you have to search in all files that
are under your control and sourced from the makepkg script.

And if you knew all this before, than sorry for bothering, but I have
had another impression.

Hope this helps

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