[aur-general] Could someone please bring back the skypeforlinux-beta-bin package?

Michael Kogan michael.kogan at gmx.net
Mon Nov 13 10:57:42 UTC 2017

Hello everybody,

about a month ago I submitted the skypeforlinux-beta-bin package to the AUR
due to an issue which appeared in newer skypeforlinux versions. Yesterday I
decided to get this package deleted because several people reported and I
could verify myself that the issue was fixed in the most recent
skypeforlinux versions. However, after the package has been deleted, I got
several complaints now that the issues are not solved for everybody. So I
would like to request to put this package back to the AUR. Unfortunately, I
cannot do it myself because its git repo still exists:

Thanks for your time and sorry for the hassle!

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