[aur-general] TU Application: Andrew Crerar

Andrew Crerar andrew at crerar.io
Fri Nov 17 12:22:38 UTC 2017

Hi Everyone!

My name is Andrew Crerar (aka andrewSC) and I'm applying to become a Trusted User. Big thanks to Johannes Löthberg for being my sponsor! :)

At the moment I'm a Research Software Engineer at The Laboratory for Analytic Sciences [1] where I primarily write Python 3.x (in combination with various other tech like nginx, gunicorn, elasticsearch, etc.) for the prototypes we're building here. Prior to working at the lab I was a Software Engineer and Computer Scientist at Adobe Inc. [2] where I lead and managed the development of Custom Creative Networks [3] (primarily PHP with some JS heavy elements) on the Behance [4] team. My Bachelor's degree is in Computer Science which I received from The Rochester Institute of Technology [5].

I've been using Arch Linux since 2008-2009ish and have seen it grow into something incredible. Over the past several years I've picked up a handful of packages [6] in the AUR which I enjoy maintaining. I also participate in package signoffs for [core], [extra], and [community]. I wish to grow my ability to contribute by becoming more involved in maintaining and managing the AUR while also making contributions to [community] where appropriate.

More recently I've created and open sourced Checkthat [7] with the intention to help other AUR package maintainers increase the quality of their packages by combining makepkg and namcap to produce a status + lint report in an automated fashion. I'm not entirely sure if this could be considered an AUR helper so I've refrained from adding it to the wiki for the time being. I also contribute patches to upstream projects on occasion, the most recent being for Gtk+ [8].

If I were to become a Trusted User, I would like to move firefox-developer [9] to [community] as well as adopt Evangelos Foutras's [community] packages [10] if he doesn't want to move them to [extra]. I should mention that the firefox-developer package in the AUR, as it exists, would not be moved to [community]. I've been working with Jan Steffens to produce an acceptable PKGBUILD [11] that would. I would ask the TU's to review that PKGBUILD in place of the current AUR package. Furthermore, the primary reason I'm refraining from landing these changes immediately in the AUR is because it would dramatically increase build times for all current users of the package.



[1] https://ncsu-las.org
[2] https://www.adobe.com
[3] https://www.behance.net/poweredby
[4] https://www.behance.net
[5] https://www.rit.edu
[6] https://ptpb.pw/lvIR
[7] https://github.com/andrewSC/checkthat
[8] https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=789777
[9] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/firefox-developer
[10] https://www.archlinux.org/packages/?sort=&repo=Community&q=&maintainer=foutrelis&flagged=
[11] https://github.com/andrewSC/firefox-developer-edition

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