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Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Tue Oct 31 03:06:00 UTC 2017

On 10/30/2017 06:20 PM, David Runge wrote:
>> But the major thing that I didn't like was the rm -rf in the
>> post_remove. I cannot think of a good reason to be doing that, unless
>> the application stores user data there, and in that case I don't think
>> you should be deleting user data. The user can clean up their leftover
>> data by hand once they are sure they don't need it anymore, which is
>> safer than causing it to accidentally get deleted when they didn't
>> intend to do so.
> That's correct and I removed it (also: version bump).
> I should have probably thought about the install script more, when
> mantisbt was dropped from community [1].
> Maybe it was introduced to take care of dead copies of the
> mantis_offline.php file... but also that doesn't make much sense.

Yeah, well, just because it was in the official repos doesn't
necessarily prove it was a well-written PKGBUILD. :D

Even Devs/TUs are human. You'll see a fair number of mistakes in repo
PKGBUILDs, e.g. the relatively benevolent unquoted srcdir/pkgdir, which
doesn't usually cause trouble in clean chroot builds which the repos
coincidentally use...

And people do tend to get better over time.

(Some are more human than others.)

>> Well, no. You "need" to patch configure.ac instead. :D
> Whoops. That's correct.
> Guess I jumped a step, as I rebuilt it very frequently for my thesis.
> What would be the thing to do for the non-git version of the package
> though, as configure is already present? I could run autoreconf again I
> guess.

I've seen it done both ways, changing a string is fairly innocuous...
but configure.ac is probably more stable just in terms of future
autotools releases potentially changing what the generated configure
looks like and causing diff fuzz.

Re-running autotools is cheap.

>> But if you want real fun, see the qbittorrent-git PKGBUILD which I
>> co-maintain.
>> It appears to be policy to maintain a master branch for development and
>> a vX_X_X branch for cherry-picking release commits just in time for
>> tagging a release. Or something.
> "Not listening..." :>

Coward! :D

Eli Schwartz

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