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Morten Linderud morten at linderud.pw
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Hello Archers and Arch overlords!

# Introduction:
My name is Morten Linderud, or better known by Foxboron. I'm writing this
application to join the TU team. My sponsor is Jelle van der Waa.

# About me:
I'm 23 years, and currently live in Bergen, Norway. I have a bachelors degree in
Information science, and currently working towards a masters degree in the same
field. I also work part-time with infrastructure and devops at a small company called

I have been active with FOSS since 2012, and have contributed to several tools
and projects. The most notable is probably Hylang[1] where I have been a core
developer since 2013.

In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, learning photography, attending
conferences and volunteer work for LAN-parties, the local Game Jam and student
organizations "Beer and Programming", where we drink beer and discuss
programming, and Fribyte, hosting and misc IT-services for student organizations
in Bergen where i'm currently second in charge.

# Arch Linux related:
Arch Linux has been my daily driver since 2013, although I have worked with
Linux and Ubuntu for few years prior as a secondary OS. I have maintained AUR
packages since 2015, adopting orphaned packages and created new ones. 

During last years Chaos Communication Congress I got in touch with anthraxx and
shibumi. They introduced me to their security meet up along with jelle and
rgacogne. This ended up with me assisting the reviewing of security advisories,
and i have now added as a CVE reporter to the team.

I have also been added to the tester team, and done small contributions on the
Archwiki and security-tracker, along with tedious amounts of rambling on

# TU pledges:
As a TU I'll move the following packages from the AUR to community:
- protege
- ttf-font-awesome
- cryptomator
- pass-otp
- nageru

And adopt the following packages from community:
- rofi
- go-md2man
- python-xapp
- python-send2trash 
- python-pycountry
- python-autobahn

I would also love to help out with Python and Go packages.

# Other projects:
signoff[2] is a tool I have written that helps testers with signing off on
packages they have installed from testing. It comes with neat auto-completions
and enough commands that it should replace the signoff page. Several testers are
using this to signoff packages in the testing repositories.

I have also worked on other tools that may benefit the Arch Linux community in
the future. Most notable is a tool that could solve the remote GPG signing issue
that was discussed on pacman-dev in 2011[3], with no solutions back then. I
currently have a point of concept written in golang that could support this[4].
The end goal is to create an API and signing tool.

The other project is a package build system[5] that uses docker as an OS
abstraction, and builds packages proper with chroots inside. It builds on top of
buildbot[6]. It's far from feature complete, but the plan is to support
distributed package building, and dispatch rebuilds based on dependencies. I
have been using it to manage my own AUR packages.

Thanks for reading, and may the tacos be with you.

# Links:
[1]: http://docs.hylang.org/en/stable/
[2]: https://github.com/Foxboron/archweb-signoff-helper
[3]: https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/pacman-dev/2011-June/013333.html
[4]: https://github.com/Foxboron/remote-sign
[5]: https://github.com/Foxboron/arch-auto-build
[6]: https://buildbot.net/

Morten Linderud

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