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Morten Linderud foxboron at archlinux.org
Mon Apr 9 15:06:09 UTC 2018

On Sun, Apr 08, 2018 at 07:09:06PM +0530, Pierre Neidhardt wrote:
> Morten Linderud <foxboron at archlinux.org> writes:
> > What i have done now is to launch a second gpg-agent that only
> > provides an -extra socket with no caching what so ever.
> I thought of something along those lines.  Can you detail the commands
> so that we can put that on the wiki?

Symlink gpg.conf and private-keys-v1.d into a new gnupg directory. Then just
create a gpg-agent.conf along the lines of:

extra-socket /home/fox/.gnupg-extra/S.gpg-agent.extra
default-cache-ttl 0
max-cache-ttl 0
pinentry-program /usr/bin/pinentry-gtk-2

Then you just launch gpg-agent with the homedir set:
gpg-agent --homedir .gnupg-extra --daemon 

Fix you ssh config to point at the new .extra socket. I'm honestly unsure why
gpg-agent can't be launched into the same homedir twice. But I'm way too lazy to
dig further into gnupg.

Morten Linderud


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