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Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Sun Aug 26 18:28:40 UTC 2018

On 8/26/18 2:20 PM, Tucker Boniface wrote:
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> Hey all, I am the maintainer of the acroread package on the aur. As you
> might know, if you use that program, it fails to run with newer versions
> of harfbuzz and glib. So, as suggested by users on the bbs, I have
> decided to bundle the needed libraries with acroread, but I have run
> into a problem. When I try to push my patch to the aur, I get "maxium
> blob size (250.00KiB) exceeded)." What would be the best way to bundle
> the libraries? It doesn't feel right for me to put them up on my server.
> TL;DR: What's the best way to bundle blobs with an aur package?

It is strictly forbidden to upload binary blobs to the AUR at all. The
AUR does *not* provide an arbitrary hosting service for source code and
binary release artifacts, and we limit the size of files that can be
uploaded in an attempt to prevent the most egregious offenders of "I'm
gonna upload binary blobs".

The size is calculated to make it extremely likely that even large
configuration data files that *are* permitted, like a kernel .config,
are still allowed.

Upload it to your server.

P.S. The suggested modifications referenced in the comments and
described on the forums, directly downloads the old libraries from
https://archive.archlinux.org so I'm not sure why you want to upload
them to the AUR.

> Tucker Boniface
> XGHqQA/+PklUgm3b6sOcGv/JoYErReVyXQUcMU1iTAda9LbVsFqS9E6Ubxnmj73q
> fzmpC+Mobn/qzI0Vim1UOvKwqacImp0niz4jKolHFIyLvGd91kB3e8aey+INxn3z
> Gz7pRQiPKCVbJpKxQyy8hzenLpmh3rhAefF1kGKKoMzgIDaMDy9DKoMgKDZXFaVb
> iRClmzY+/OPngbd0ADB2A8EaDMudr8IuuJkIhzl4lksXMZXf66gjS8fGV8YPFrEq
> krx/OIKzxTJ5uT9G071PhoSZaAerKGZlWXZrVmik0Mp/kxJp878yrBZOTG1kwnmJ
> jWrTjKGsp6toDQlY/CMBToua+EXzCY5CAJ7GKZ3SH76mj5BmPvVCOre6T2rF+5ys
> SKE+a7jeJa78ZgiWkG7eMEzs5dk/spBa5TMrqL3d2lGgSjat9BsMG8yoqms6kqnt
> PY/0EOAaJcnYM5ClYtltfxdi38XUWo0eTRBhJse9+/e7OzhmoGZDNUulNEXAlZza
> SYLZh/7DdLZq8uphhhHNokcYMvGCp7hm1ebGPr6xiq74U+2LRPPnVgjhUFrZ6oRy
> 3jqh1dxUi5ldIJ54chZhaGjqbPMAvhBUKeGWTVxfQX/Js35Ufa+kyxX/Q6j5BcCF
> 3yOxwkxNd/gymQ/9L4CQgYQFsVM4KlAnfu/lAJQrrfkuqkMTEiM=
> =TXB9

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