[aur-general] aur-out-of-date: determine out-of-date AUR packages w.r.t. upstream

Simon Legner simon.legner at gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 16:08:53 UTC 2018

Hi aur-general,

as a maintainer of fifty-something AUR packages I found it difficult
to keep track of new upstream versions. I would subscribe to various
RSS feeds to keep track of some.

Recently, I sat down and wrote a tool "aur-out-of-date" which, given a
username or a list of packages, checks upstream for newer versions. It
does so by inspecting the upstream URL and/or source URL, and calling
a suitable API (github.com, registry.npmjs.org, pypi.python.org,
cpan.org for now) to determine the latest released version.
Out-of-date packages are output in red color on the command line.

Give it a try:

I'm happy to hear you feedback :)

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