[aur-general] TU (re-)Application

Brad Fanella bradfanella at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 22:04:24 UTC 2018

On 02/12/2018 03:14 PM, Eli Schwartz via aur-general wrote:
> Not as a general rule, no, but if the forum mods are feeling nice then
> the forum software does allow it. :)
> Likewise, Bluewind can edit the bugtracker database.
> Perks of being friendly with the people in charge. :D

Heh, sounds like I need to be making some calls then. ;)

> Sure thing, and I'm sure it will be awesome to have you back!
> As a matter of curiosity, MATE is already a pretty big and worthwhile
> task to handle, but what other orphans are you thinking of adopting?

Turns out that since my application, Antonio Rojas has stepped up to the
plate and updated MATE to version 1.20.0, so props to him! The whole
group is still orphaned though, so I would plan on pushing out future
updates when they come. There are no glaring holes in [community] right
now, which is fantastic; most of the other orphans are small utilities
and libraries with infrequent/discontinued releases, like cd-discid and
imlib (version 1).

Perhaps there are some packages that are becoming a burden on other TUs,
or AUR packages that deserve a spot in the official repos. Maybe you
have some recommendations?


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