[aur-general] Dropping python-colorlog and python2-colorlog

Levente Polyak anthraxx at archlinux.org
Sun Feb 18 18:40:52 UTC 2018

On February 18, 2018 7:34:13 PM GMT+01:00, Pierre Neidhardt <ambrevar at gmail.com> wrote:
>It's rather silly, really.  I initially moved it to [community] because
>it was an optional dependency for Qutebrowser... or so I thought. 
>Florian (Qutebrowser's maintainer) let me know that Qutebrowser got rid
>of that dependency a while back.
>So now it's in [community] and out-of-date but I have not interest at
>all in the package, so if anybody wants it, please go ahead :)

I see, thanks for clarifying!
PS: version only sources like those from github.com should be prefixed including pkgname so they are unique.
PPS: conflicting the git variant package is the wrong way around, the specialized packages providing the regular one should conflict it.


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