[aur-general] aur-out-of-date: determine out-of-date AUR packages w.r.t. upstream

Rafael Fontenelle rafaelff at gnome.org
Tue Feb 27 23:20:41 UTC 2018

2018-02-27 20:05 GMT-03:00 Adam Levy via aur-general
<aur-general at archlinux.org>:
> Neat program!
> It currently doesn't handle release candidate version tags. For example,
> $ aur-out-of-date -pkg influxdb
> [OUT-OF-DATE] [influxdb] Package influxdb should be updated from 1.4.3-1 to
> 1.5.0rc4
> It might be worth adding an option to ignore version tags that end in
> 'rc*'. Or perhaps make that the default and add a flag to *not* ignore
> release candidate tags. I'm sure there are other conventions for post-fixes
> on version tags that indicate pre release or testing status. Maybe a more
> flexible way to go would be to offer an environment variable or option for
> setting a list of regexes to disregard if matched.
> Thanks!
> Adam Levy

Hello Adam,

You might want to report this suggestion to the upstream:

Best regards,
Rafael Fontenelle

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