[aur-general] [tu-bylaws] [PATCH] Clarify the process for Special Removal of an inactive TU

Lukas Fleischer lfleischer at archlinux.org
Sun Jan 21 21:19:24 UTC 2018

On Sun, 21 Jan 2018 at 21:40:43, Xyne wrote:
> On 2018-01-21 10:04 +0100
> Lukas Fleischer via aur-general wrote:
> >So you suggest to remove the first part of the condition (before the
> >"OR") altogether?
> I made no such suggestion.

By your logic, there is no situation where the first part of the
condition applies but the second part (after the "OR") does not. So we
could as well remove the part before the "OR" -- and, if that were the
case, we would have removed the statement before the amendment of the

If what I am saying is not true, there might be a misunderstanding: in
this case, please describe a situation where only the part before the
"OR" applies but the part after the "OR" does not.

> And again, the intention of the current bylaws was not to disregard voting as
> an activity. The first part was to speed up the process for TUs who show no
> visible online activity (i.e. TUs who have abandoned Arch completely, for
> whatever reason), and the second part was to remove those who prevent the
> establishment of quorum. A TU who votes is clearly still logging in to his or
> her account and not preventing quorum. So yeah, a TU who does nothing but vote
> for over a year should be removed, but by a regular removal process, which the
> bylaws already handle.

Makes no sense. See above. We would not have listed all the details of
what TU inactivity means if inactivity always implies the part after the

> Btw, we discussed this together over 4 years ago and we were in agreement then
> about both the intention and the formulation. Here's a message in which you
> clearly agreed with this intention:
> https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-general/2013-August/024783.html

I did agree that inactivity should be a sufficient condition for special
removal. I did never agree that inactivity requires not voting. In that
email, I even explained that I understand "work on the AUR" as
"uploading, updating and deleting packages".

In fact, even if you really want to be pedantic and take everything in
the bylaws literally, the first condition before the "OR" applies if a
Trusted User does nothing but vote: in today's terminology, the "AUR" is
the "Arch User Repository" (the collection of packages uploaded and
maintained by users) and the web interface is called "aurweb", see [1].
So, while voting is a TU action performed in aurweb, it is clearly not
"any action that required TU privileges on the AUR" because the AUR
(package collection) is not touched.


[1] https://git.archlinux.org/aurweb.git/plain/README

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