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Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Wed Jan 24 11:44:33 UTC 2018

On 01/24/2018 05:32 AM, Panayotis Katsaloulis via aur-general wrote:
> Thank you for the comments.
> Indeed I didn't try to use "namcap" to catch most of the comments. Now 
> I did and sorry about that.
> Looking deeper at the resutls, I found another issue, which I don't 
> know which is the most appropriate method to fix it.
> Inside the produced package has references to the build directory, i.e.
> lib/amiwm/Xsession2:DEFAULT_XINITRC="/home/teras/Sources/amiwm/pkg/amiwm/usr/lib/amiwm/Xinitrc"
> lib/amiwm/Xinitrc:/home/teras/Sources/amiwm/pkg/amiwm/usr/bin/amiwm & 
> wmpid=$!
> lib/amiwm/Xinitrc:    
> /home/teras/Sources/amiwm/pkg/amiwm/usr/lib/amiwm/amiwm-init   	# 
> Default amiwm tools
> lib/amiwm/Xsession:	export 
> SDT_ALT_SESSION="/home/teras/Sources/amiwm/pkg/amiwm/usr/lib/amiwm/Xsession2"
> All of them "remember" the "/home/teras/Sources/amiwm" which if I am 
> not mistaken is the ${pkgdir} folder.
> Should I do something like:
> for i in "${pkgdir}/usr/lib/amiwm/{Xsession2,Xinitrc,Xsession}" ; do 
> sed -e "s%${pkgdir}%%g" "$i" >"$i.fix"; mv -v "$i.fix" "$i" ; done

This happens because you use prefix="$pkgdir/usr" during package(), does
the software not support DESTDIR?

If not, then you'll need to copy everything over by hand rather than
using make install. Or, if upstream is still alive, asking them to fix
their Makefile so it respects DESTDIR.

You could also fix the Makefile, and ship a patch alongside the
PKGBUILD, then apply it in prepare() via `patch`.

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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