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On Fri, Jul 13, 2018 at 3:45 PM, Eli Schwartz via aur-general
<aur-general at archlinux.org> wrote:
>Very few people are "good enough" when I really get on a roll... I
>generally consider it sufficient that people learn from my critiques,
>fix them promptly, and incorporate that feedback into further efforts.
>The only thing that really startled me, actually, were the packages
>which build ELF binaries but were marked as "any" packages.

I understand. To be fair in AUR we only build the package for our
architecture, so that never seemed like a red flag until you pointed it
out. But now I see how important it is to have a proper arch field :)

>As with the other unquoted variables issues... it may have been
>committed 11 days ago but my git pull from when I started my review did
>not have that yet, perhaps you never pushed it?
>I did say some of those issues were already fixed before I sent off my
>email -- I did not go back to re-analyze the packages I'd already looked
>at based on the fixed versions. ;)

That was probably it, sorry.

>Then I would guard this by
>if [[ $CARCH = x86_64 ]]; then
>    do_64_bit_things
>    do_32_bit_things
>Don't ignore unexpected errors, if there's no lib64 folder on x86_64
>builds then something went wrong and either should be fixed, or old
>workarounds should be removed -- either way using || true, means you'll
>never know.

I'll use Michael's approach but thanks for pointing this out, it will
probably be useful in similar situations that can't be resolved in cmake.

>nodejs packaging confuses me incredibly. I've only got one package which
>uses nodejs, and this is what I do:
>I build it in build() and then I manually cp things to $pkgdir and write
>my own symlink for /usr/bin scripts. It seems to work okay...

I agree. That's a good approach but I think mine is a bit cleaner, ahah :)

>For your three electron apps, you get to have fun, because electron is
>fun! Haha, I lied, it's not fun at all.
>They're basically always bin packages because electron. Debundling is
>complicatedly weird, but I've successfully done so for e.g.
>community/keybase-gui. When I get around to it I need to create a new
>wiki page documenting how to handle this correctly...
>I definitely understand if you've got no will to make proper non-bin
>packages, that being said it would be neat if you could do so anyway
>since having dozens of outdated, insecure copies of prebuilt electron
>(thanks, electron devs!) is pretty dreary and also wasteful of disk >space.

That is something I'll keep in mind this summer. I really dislike
electron because I don't see the point of packaging a full runtime with
each app (!!) so I am not really motivated to maintain non-bin electron
packages. I might try to do it if I have spare time, that could turn out
to be a fun puzzle.

Filipe Laíns

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