[aur-general] Attempting to update upwork-beta, and hit a head-scratcher

Shane Simmons regeya at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 17:56:33 UTC 2018

I got an AUR Out-of-date Notification from msheremet on upwork-beta.  After
digging through Upwork app logs and checking their website, apparently
they've pushed the update to their download website, but not to the client
apps yet (at least, not to mine. ;-)

However, I'm sending the changes from my laptop and I had never added my
public key on my laptop, and when I went to log in to the AUR to copy the
pubkey to my ~/.ssh/config, AUR informs me that my account has been

I never received any kind of notification that my account was suspended, or
why.  As far as I can recall, my best guess would be that it was because I
had stupidly published a bug comment to the aurman AUR page and was harshly
schooled by the aurman developer that his package depends on a -git
package, which had to be installed manually because, again, stupidly, I
didn't know that -git packages' PKGBUILDs don't contain the current
version, but is instead calculated during install.

If that's why, after I understood the issue I just shrugged and went on
with my life, and wasn't aware there was a continuing problem until I tried
to push updates.  I'm more than happy to push my changes if I can; if it
can't be reinstated, though, then I'd at least like to know why, please;
and if it's going to be impossible to reinstate, then someone at the very
least needs to mark upwork-beta as orphaned so someone else can take over.

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