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Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Sun Jul 29 04:05:56 UTC 2018

On 07/28/2018 11:57 PM, Christian Rebischke via aur-general wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 22, 2018 at 03:35:52PM -0400, Santiago Torres-Arias wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> Formalities first, Christian Rebischke (Shibumi) is sponsoring my application,
>> although I'd like to thank so many people for their feedback, help, guidance
>> and counsel in all-things-Arch*.
>> My name is Santiago Torres-Arias[1], and I'm a Mexican PhD candidate
>> from New York University. My research focuses on securing the dev-ops
>> pipeline/supply chain, which includes work on package manager security,
>> version control system security, securing container orchestrators,
>> reproducible builds, so on and so forth. It is not a coincidence that
>> all of these relate strongly with Linux; I believe the Linux environment
>> pretty much shaped my professional career since I was in High School.
>> I've been a GNU/Linux user for more than I can remember, although I started
>> using it exclusively circa 2011. I started using Debian, Mint and Ubuntu
>> interchangeably for a couple of years and, as time passed, I started to develop
>> personal scripts and unscrew my deterministically-broken distro (I still
>> remember my hook to fix the fglrx install every time X was updated). This
>> experience threw me to the other side, and for a while I thought I could
>> maintain my own LFS-based distribution with scripts of this sort, which led me
>> to learn a lot about what *not* to do when managing packages. However, It was
>> when I finally decided to give Arch a serious try (around 2014) that I found
>> myself enamored with not only the toolchains, but the community and the
>> philosophy behind the distribution --- I'm now a strong supporter of the
>> Arch Way(tm) thanks to all the leasons learned through the winding roads
>> of linux-system-administration.
>> Although I've always been an assiduous user of the AUR, not only using but
>> writing my own PKGBUILDs, It was only until recently (about 8 months now), that
>> I've been working towards becoming more familiar with the package ecosystem
>> with the end goal of becoming a TU. I've received feedback from many members on
>> the community on how to fix, extend and follow best practices on writing
>> PKGBUILDS which I believe has improved their quality[2].
>> Besides maintaining packages I've been contributing to other aspects of
>> the Arch Linux ecosystem for about three years now. I've participated in
>> the security team almost since its inception, by providing code to the
>> tracker, tracking CVE's and sending advisories. Likewise, I've been a
>> tester for more than a year. I've also participated (although not as
>> much as I've wanted) on the archlinux-reproducible efforts. Finally,
>> I've worked along with shibumi and Pierre in making an automated build
>> of an official Archlinux Docker image. Beyond Arch Linux, I'm a
>> committer to projects like reproducible-builds.org[3], Briar[4],
>> neomutt[5], and The Update Framework (TUF)[6], among others[7].
>> There are two main reasons for this application to become a TU. First, I want to
>> contribute *more* to a community that has given me so much, and I'm certain
>> that helping packaging tools for everyone in the community repository will only
>> improve the overall user experience. Second, and most importantly, I want to
>> expand the offer of packages in the official repositories.
>> Concretely, I want to maintain the following packages:
>>     - Orphaned packages (I'm a regular user of these):
>>         - giblib (currently on extra)
>>         - python-pylint (currently on extra)
>>         - uthash
>>         - znc
>>         - cvf
>>         - netctl (?! currently on core, so I suspect I can't maintain this one)
>>         - python-opencl/pyopencl-headers
>>     - I'd love to co-maintain some packages that have a packager right now**:
>>         - radare-cutter
>>         - hub
>>         - rtl-sdr
>>         - maven
>>     - I intend to move the following packages from the AUR:
>>         - reprotest
>>         - git-latexdiff
>>         - python-rstr
>>         - python2-grip
>>         - inxi
>>         - plex-fonts
>> Needless to say, I'm open to discussion on this list. I can extend it with any
>> suggested packages, or discard any packages that aren't deemed popular enough.
>> On a less technical, serious note, I love playing guitar! I have a band
>> and we play progressive, shoegaze, and math-rock. I also like cycling,
>> and reading on pretty much anything. I'm a Rust fanboy and I'm
>> re-learning Verilog, as I'm hoping to play around with the RISC-V ISA
>> and emulate TPM's and other trusted hardware designs.
>> Thanks,
>> -Santiago (Sangy) Torres-Arias
>> [1] https://badhomb.re
>> [2] https://aur.archlinux.org/account/sangy
>> [3] https://reproducible-builds.org
>> [4] https://neomutt.org/feature/new-mail#7-%C2%A0credits
>> [5] https://briarproject.org
>> [6] https://theupdateframework.com
>> [7] https://github.com/santiagotorres
>> * Thanks to eschwartz, shibumi, anthraax, jelle, rgacogne, Foxboron, pid1,
>>   Tigrmesh, meskarune et al.!
>> ** This is the first time I make this public, so there's no commitment from
>>    the current packager at all
> The discussion period is over, please vote:
> https://aur.archlinux.org/tu/?id=107

That's almost a full day ahead of schedule...

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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