[aur-general] Account Suspended, No Reason Given

shoober420 shoober420 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 09:43:14 UTC 2018

Oh hey carstene1ns, glad you can join. Haven't heard from you in a while.

Regardless of if you received the email or not, this does NOT cover up all
the other issues present here. And yes, I also did send you that email as
well, which you felt wasn't important enough to respond back to, further
making matters here worse. This still does not justifying anything that has
happened here, only showing the fact you didn't respond to my email. I know
people will have very busy times in their lives, but not being able to
respond back to an email?

So even if you received that other email, I guess it wouldnt of mattered
much huh? Since you wouldnt of responded back to that one either.

During that time of you being missing in action for that package, I also
edited the PKGBUILD to compile successfully for yamagi-quake2-git. Even if
"lib32-sdl2-hg" compiled successfully for you, that doesn't mean it does
for everyone else, especially since lib32-tslib is required, and wasn't in
the "makedepends".

AGAIN, who cares if the first request went through automatically, this DOES
NOT cover up how you handled the situation. You responding the way you did,
only incited me to think you were joking around. Like I said before, dont
be a hypocrite. If you wanted to be taken more seriously, and have the
whole situation taken more seriously, dont respond to me by mocking and
taunting me. All of this could have been handled in a civil manner if you
didn't instigate the situation, and just simply gave me a warning me of my

So instead of you all continuing to trying tow justify yourselfs and make
me look like this is all my fault and judging me, go look at yourselfs
before you EVEN judge me.

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