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Jelle van der Waa jelle at vdwaa.nl
Mon Nov 5 20:11:47 UTC 2018

On 10/29/18 at 01:16pm, Maxim Baz via aur-general wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> My name is Maxim Baz, and with Morten Linderud (Foxboron) as my sponsor
> (who I was referred to by Alad Wenter) I'm applying to become a Trusted User.
> During the day I work at Microsoft, where I am also using Arch Linux and
> building software that runs on Linux in production.


Just a few comments on your packages:

> - kak-lsp: de-facto official plugin that adds LSP support for kakoune editor.

- You should pass --locked to, so that the Cargo.lock file is adhered.
- The package has 3 votes, the TU guidelines define that a package with
  atleast 10 votes can be moved. Something to keep in mind, note that
  since it benefits kakoune it's fair to add it.

> I would also like to move some AUR packages to [community], in particular
> these ones have good amount of votes and in my mind deserve to be promoted to
> [community]:
> - wire-desktop (76): End-to-end encrypted messaging app that works on Windows,
> Linux, Mac, Android and iPhone. It is free, open-source and available
> on Github. Although I'm co-maintaining this package on AUR, I was mostly
> focused on contributing to the project itself: I added proper emoji support
> (following the latest Unicode standard), emoji autocomplete and improved
> native notifications on Linux (show user pictures, set urgency hint).

- patching should happen in prepare()
- electron packages should use our electron package and don't download
  it again. (I'm assuming it does btw)
- ideally the desktop file should be from upstream or submitted upstream
- i686 shouldn't be in the arch=() array for community packages
- Just my personal opinion, but what the JavaScript!!!

> - browserpass (31): Browser extension for pass (unix password manager),
> works in Chromium and Firefox. I became the primary project maintainer about
> a year ago, and together with another maintainer recently started rewriting
> it to make the architecture accommodate users' needs. I'm planning to bring
> this to [community] after the new version is ready (we are aiming to release
> in December). Also, someone in comments on AUR gave me a cool idea to use
> split-packages for Chromium and Firefox browsers, I'm going to do this as
> well (current PKGBUILD installs browserpass for both browsers, even if these
> browsers are not installed).

No idea, what to make of the Golang stuff, melts my brains. This however
semes to not be reproducible? Or does upstream have a lock file for
locking it's deps?

I'm not a fan of supporting a non-supported component i.e. goole chrome.
I also wonder what's with the weird location /etc/opt/chrome?

You might want to use go-pie btw, to actually have PIE support

browserpass W: ELF file ('usr/bin/browserpass') lacks FULL RELRO, check LDFLAGS.
browserpass W: ELF file ('usr/bin/browserpass') lacks PIE.

> - ttf-emojione (33): Colorful emoji font from EmojiOne. I created a Docker
> image that is able to compile the font out of image assets, and configured a
> Travis job for EmojiOne team so that the font is automatically being compiled
> on every commit and attached to every Github release.

The .install scriptlet shouldn't contain documentation. I'm also not
sure if we can package it, since I can't grasp the laywerspeak in

> - grub-btrfs (15): Detects and includes btrfs snapshots in GRUB menu, allowing
> to easily boot in any existing snapshot. I personally use grub-btrfs in
> combination with snap-pac and snap-pac-grub for seamless integration with
> snapper and pacman.

The .install scriptlet shouldn't really contain documentation. Ideally
that should be found on the wiki or in the man pages.

Systemd units should go into /usr/lib/systemd/system not /etc, that's
for user configuration!

Seeing you are active upstream, why doesn't it ship with a simple
Makefile? :)

> - python-black (10): Python code formatter that quickly gains popularity,
> I see it being adopted more and more in the community of Python developers,
> so I want it to be available in [community] repo.

- yay for tests being run!
- license is installed in the wrong  directory:Missing custom license directory (usr/share/licenses/python-black)

> - gocryptfs (18): Encrypted overlay filesystem, an alternative for encfs.

Packages in the AUR

* rmtrash:

The .install script shouldn't really contain documentation. But usually
only creates users.

* rebuild-detector:

- Source should not be hosted on the AUR 
- Missing MIT LICENSE, should be installed and provided upstream
- Did you know lddd exists?

* i3ipc-python

- Missing custom license, namcap warns about it.

* yubikey-touch-detector

- Missing custom license, namcap warns about it.
- Documentation on .install

* snap-pac-grub

- Source should not be hosted on the AUR 
- Missing MIT LICENSE, should be installed and provided upstream

Probably missed a few things!

Jelle van der Waa
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