[aur-general] On TU application, TU participation and community/ package quality

Daniel Capella polycitizen at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 20:11:13 UTC 2018

The oversight committee seems like an even more imposing version of the
council, which has already received a fair amount of push-back.

For example, a buddy
> system in which new applicants need both an experienced TU and a new TU
> as sponsors may also help preparing new TU's with the process of
> preparing applicants.
> However, one question raised during the discussion is whether this model
> is enough to warrant the goals outlined above. Namely, this measure
> doesn't seem to tackle the lack of participation of the broader TU
> community when reviewing new TU applications.

Big +1 here. This creates a bit of a cycle, and I believe would increase
overall participation.


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