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Daniel M. Capella polycitizen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 00:44:54 UTC 2018


My name is Daniel M. Capella (aka polyzen), and I am applying to be a Trusted
User with Ivy Foster's sponsorship.

My current main interest lies in Rustlang-based blockchain/distributed
app/cryptocurrency implementations; half for the tech, half so I can escape the
world of indentured slavery, fearlessly. My dream for the future is to write
software that will help increase the pace it takes science to build the world
of tomorrow -- whatever that means. I watch too much sci fi.

I hope you like lists as much as I apparently do.



- Arch vanilla user since 2013. ALARM user for my home servers since perhaps a
  year or two before then. For completion's sake, even before that I had used
  Ubuntu and Archbang. This year I will be getting the LPIC-2[1] certificate
  (may or may not be related to my LPIC-1 expiring this year ^^).

- Held a workshop called "Git for Gits"[2] with meskarune under the Arch Linux
  Classroom. The class is (very) slowly being revamped for further sessions.

- Coordinated AUR Cleanup Day 2017[3]. The original plan was for this to occur
  every other year, but the previous one was in 2010. I hope to continue the
  tradition of this occurring biennially.

- Co-maintainer of pacman-contrib. Funny story: when I requested Git access,
  Florian gave it to me thinking I was Kyrias. ^^ I had a habit of nick (IRC)
  hopping back then.

- Arch Linux Tester when I remember that's a thing I signed up for.

- Relatively active with IRC and bug tracker support.

- Very active with upstreams WRT packaging and then some.


Here follows the packages I'd like to move to and/or co-maintain in Community:

- Packages I already maintain:

  - Automatic exception:
    - espeak-ng (accessibility)
      See also <https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/60618>.
  - Popular:
    - firefox-ublock-origin
    - firefox-umatrix
    - pulseaudio-dlna
    - python-black 
      Maxim already plans to add this to the repos, but I would like to
      (co-)maintain this, being the original submitter (before it was merged
      into python-black due to the naming convention).
    - razercfg/razerd
  - 1% usage on pkgstats:
    - firefox-bookmarkdupes
    - firefox-multiple-tab-handler
    - firefox-referer-control
    - firefox-stylus
    - firefox-tab-flip-for-tree-style-tab
    - Firefox-tree-style-tab
    - termdown
    - tty-solitaire
      See <https://github.com/mpereira/tty-solitaire/issues/29>.

  - There was consensus from a few TU's in #archlinux-aur on considering the
    popularity of release variants:

    - Popular:

      - shaderc (-git)

        See also <https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/58582>.

    - 1% usage on pkgstats:

      - gmailieer (-git)

      - termtosvg (-git)

- Other users' AUR packages:

  - Popular:

    - alot

    - hsetroot

    - python-proselint

    - ttf-symbola

    - yamllint

  - 1% usage on pkgstats:

    - python-vint

    - skim

- Repo packages:

  - Orphans in Extra that I have installed:

    - ttf-indic-otf

    - vulkan-icd-loader

  - Packages I submitted to the AUR that were adopted or were added to the repos
    without checking the AUR first :p:

    - asp

    - fd

    - newsboat


Notes from Ivy that may come up in reviews:

- “These Node.js and mkchromecast packages give me nightmares.”:
  ..Okay, actually that was my response when he brought them up.

  mkchromecast has a setup.py for its next release. npm packages have no hope.
  I've had to change chown invocations far too many times. Please don't hate me.

- “This isn't a technical critique; more of an aesthetic one that you probably
  shouldn't listen to. It would be slightly amusing to add firefox as an
  optdepends to firefox-* (-:”:

  firefox was removed as a dep for these to make it easier for people to use
  them with Palemoon and such.

- Go package LDFLAGS:

  Will take care of this.

- “hangups: "sed -i 's/==/>=/g' setup.py" -- why? Also, has that change been
  submitted upstream? It's minor, but if it fixes something it's probably

  Has to be done for pinned outdated dependencies.

- “razercfg: have you submitted that tmpfile.conf upstream? Also, re: the
  install file, I'm pretty sure that ldconfig happens automagically, and
  systemd-udev-reload.hook should handle reloading udev rules”:

  Will take care of this.

- “shaderc: there were a lot of patches in prepare(), which I can say from
  experience probably won't go over super well. I'm guessing these probably are
  waiting on acceptance or something?”:

  See <https://github.com/google/shaderc/issues/392#issuecomment-427442293>
  and <https://github.com/google/shaderc/issues/424>.

- “no need for install -m755; -m755 is the default”:

  Taking care of this.


Some notes of my own that could be added to the guidelines:

- My Rust packages use published crates if available, eg.: 

  `--locked` will be used for those in due time:

- Similarly I source published npm packages, eg.:

- The following can be used for GitHub releases (where $url is eg.
  - Before: `source=("$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz::$url/archive/v$pkgver.tar.gz")`
  - After: `source=("$url/archive/v$pkgver/$pkgname-v$pkgver.tar.gz")`


Future activities in mind:

- Automated release notifications, perhaps once we're closer to automated
  builds. Maybe with <https://release-monitoring.org/>.

- AL onboarding site, unless a wiki article is sufficient. Could be nice to make
  <https://www.rustaceans.org/findwork> work with Bugzilla.


Thank you all for your consideration.

Daniel M. Capella / dmc / polyzen

[1]: https://www.lpi.org/our-certifications/summary-of-certifications
[2]: https://archwomen.org/media/project_classroom/classlogs/2016-07-16-git_for_gits.txt
[3]: https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-general/2017-September/033557.html
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