[aur-general] AUR package metadata dump

Jiachen YANG farseerfc at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 04:06:15 UTC 2018

On 2018/11/16 7:31, Uwe Koloska wrote:
> Hi Eli,
> Am 15.11.18 um 20:26 schrieb Eli Schwartz via aur-general:
>> The source code running the website is here:
>> https://git.archlinux.org/aurweb.git/about/
>> We currently provide the url, but not the sources for download, since
>> the use case for our community has not (yet?) proposed that the latter
>> is something needed. I'm unsure who would use it other than repology.
> I don't understand what "url" and "sources" refer to. Obviously its not
> the Sourcecode of aurweb, because that's available in the linked git
> repo, isn't it?
> If both refer to something inside the quote, then the reference is very
> far from its destination ...
> Uwe

Hi Uwe,

First of all thank you for Repology, a interesting and useful project.

I think the "url" and "sources" are refering to the 2 variables in
PKGBUILD. "url" is the url to the upstream homepage, and "sources" are
urls to download the source code, or in the case of VCS packages, the
urls to fetch VCS repositories. I think "sources" is closest thing to
"distfiles" you asked in your first message. Please see the manpage of
PKGBUILD for details [1]. These are defined in PKGBUILD and generated in
.SRCINFO for the AUR packages. And currently we only have "URL" field
exposed in the aur rpc api.


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