[aur-general] PKGBUILD for an .AppImage

Robin Broda arch-ml at coderobe.net
Sat Oct 13 14:44:31 UTC 2018

On 10/13/18 4:36 PM, Jonathon Fernyhough wrote:
> I believe Tom is pointing to the advantages of deploying an AppImage via
> a PKGBUILD, rather than of the AppImage format itself. Essentially,
> using an AppImage as a package `source` like an RPM/deb or other
> non-native packaging archive.

Then what he's referring to aren't the 'advantages of packaging an AppImage', but rather the advantages of packages as a whole - and even then it's not really accurate.
I don't think going off on a tangent about the benefits of system packages is relevant to the topic, anyways.

> I've seen some projects [citation needed] provide only an AppImage and
> building from source is non-trivial, so being able to "package" the
> AppImage could make it easier to use within Arch.

That's not the case here though, as we have source builds for the program in question.
If there are upcoming issues with the source build, those should be patched upstream or in the PKGBUILD instead of abandoning it in favor of a -bin package.

Rob (coderobe)

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