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I hereby confirm my sponsorship of Daniel.

Let the (new 14 days format) discussion period begin!


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Le 14/10/2018 à 21:49, Daniel Bermond via aur-general a écrit :
> Hi,
> My name is Daniel Bermond and my alias on the AUR and forums is
> dbermond[1][3].
> Bruno Pagani (alias: ArchangeGabriel) is sponsoring my Trusted User application. I would like to highly thank Bruno for accepting to be my sponsor.
> I'm a Brazilian doctor (physician). Yes, my job and profession are not related to the computing world, but since childhood I'm an enthusiast of the computing and software world. I've beeing using Linux since many years ago, and it's difficult to tell when I started, but it has been a long time. By searching in the middle of some old things here I could find some old Ubuntu CD-ROMs of the 7.04 (2007) version from the time they still shipped free disks worldwide, so I can for sure say that I have 11 years of Linux usage at minimum. But my initial Linux usage starts even before this, with some old RedHat distribution that didn't run very well on my poor graphics card, at a time that I cannot tell precisely. For many years I did the famous distro-hopping and have used many major distributions: openSUSE, Fedora, Mandrake/Mandriva (when they still existed), PCLinuxOS, Ubuntu and variants, Mint and probably others.
> I have started to use Arch in 2015. At that time I was at Linux Mint and feel the need for something better and different. I found myself in need of more recent software, being disappointed with the Mint/Ubuntu outdated ones. I was also very tired to reinstall the system every one (or two) year(s). When Mint went for shipping LTS-only releases, I decided that a rolling release distribution should be my new place. By already having many years of Linux usage and experience in the background, Arch was everything that I was looking for. Added the fact of being able to fully customize my system by building packages that could be easily integrated in the system with pacman.
> After felling confident with Arch itself, I've started to contribute packages to the AUR. I can perfectly remember my first one: ffmpeg-full-git. It was, and still is, a pleasure to maintain it, firstly because I was in need for it, and, secondly, because I was contributing back to the community something that was useful for me. Things evolved quickly, I started to maintain more and more packages that I was also in need for, while adopting other orphaned ones, and currently I'm the maintainer of 170+ packages[2].
> Some of the packages that I maintained were already brought into the official repositories:
> - ffnvcodec-headers
> - intel-gmmlib (formerly named gmmlib on the AUR, adopted by my sponsor Bruno)
> - intel-media-driver (adopted by my sponsor Bruno Pagani)
> - libraqm
> - nccl
> - pybind11* (TU Santiago announced me that he will bring it into [community])
> Among the years, I've studied C, x86 assembly, Python and shellscript. I'm trying to add C++ to the list, already started it, but still need to find more time to dedicate to it. I've made some contributions to the open source world.
> I have a project of my own called screencast[4], which is a command line interface to record a X11 desktop using FFmpeg, having support for offline recording, live streaming and the capability of adding some effects. It's written in pure POSIX/portable shellscript. Besides this, I've made a few commits here and there into the following open source projects: caffe2[5] (now on pytorch github repository), intel gstreamer media SDK[6][7] and intel media sdk[8]. So I also try to contribute back to some upstream projects when my not-so-wide programming skills allow me. I also report bugs to the upstream open source projects for packages which I maintain on the AUR if I encounter some that affects the building process or my direct usage.
> I would like to become a Trusted User to be able to contribute to the Arch community as much as I can.
> I would like to bring the following packages into [community]:
> - advancecomp
> - kvazaar
> - intel-media-sdk
> - libmysofa
> - openh264
> - shine
> - vmaf
> I'm also willing to co-maintain my already mentioned old AUR packages. It would be a pleasure.
> I think that's all. Thanks to everyone that is reading and analysing my application.
> Best regards,
> Daniel Bermond
> [1] https://aur.archlinux.org/account/dbermond
> [2] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?SeB=M&K=dbermond
> [3] https://github.com/dbermond/
> [4] https://github.com/dbermond/screencast/
> [5] https://github.com/pytorch/pytorch/commits?author=dbermond
> [6] https://github.com/intel/gstreamer-media-SDK/commits?author=dbermond
> [7] https://github.com/intel/gstreamer-media-SDK/commits/topic_linux_and_window?author=dbermond
> [8] https://github.com/Intel-Media-SDK/MediaSDK/commits?author=dbermond

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