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Konstantin Gizdov arch at kge.pw
Fri Oct 26 16:29:31 UTC 2018

On 26/10/2018 15:27, Doug Newgard via aur-general wrote:
> I must point out this very recent mailing list thread:
> https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-general/2018-September/034279.html
> In this thread, you:
> 1) whine about someone taking over *your* packages, because you're the one that
> knows them and has cared for them and, after all, they're YOURS.

I did no such thing. I opened the thread by thanking Felix for picking
them up and asked a few questions about the plans for the packages and
how to pass on what I know, because I was having trouble doing that over
the bug tracker. What ensued after (the responses) was not my doing. I
tried to respond to every and all comments respectfully and I think you
will find a through discussion was had and a lot of details were sorted.

Part of that was revealing that the ROOT stack was being picked up -
yes, I care about it as it directly affects my profession and I've given
thorough reasons why. I **never claimed the packages were mine** - if
you talk about the usage of the word 'my', it clearly refers to me being
the maintainer. I said I've put work into them, continue to do so and
wanted to make sure I can pass that on in full. My TU application is me
trying to do that.

> 2) whine about how things were handled on the bug tracker, thinking that this
> whining is how things get done. It's not.

Again, I did no such thing. I explained what happened and asked how can
I do better. I was told I have to stick to the bug tracker. Thus, I said
why I think this approach is failing in that particular case and gave

By the way, it was only because of that email that one of the bugs was
reopened (by Eli) and fixed, otherwise it was ignored. Seems to me my
email worked fine.

> 3) Tell bald faced lies about how things transpired on the bug tracker.
I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous. In the many emails I wrote that
evening, I got confused about one bug being closed, where it wasn't. You
tried to call me out for lying and my whole point being wrong, but later
**you yourself sent a follow up email to correct your own statement**. I
acknowledged my mistake on the spot. Surely, we can agree all of us make
mistakes. **In no way or form was I telling bald faced lies.**
> You really think this makes you TU material? Really?

Yes, I think the way I have handled the situation makes me trustworthy.
I care for the packages I maintain and the community enough to make sure
the packages are left in excellent shape and hands so people can depend
on them. I also have serious respect for the people here, community &
TUs - as I've said before, ArchLinux has been good to me I want to good
to it. This is why I made the fuss, because I care, but I also took
everyone's perspective in and kept a working discussion.

Moreover, I am still trying to have a respectful conversation, give my
reasoning and make my point heard in the face of you trying to
completely misrepresent my intentions, what I said and did, and what I
stand for.



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