[aur-general] TU Application - Konstantin Gizdov

Christos Nouskas nous at archlinux.us
Sat Oct 27 22:12:06 UTC 2018

I've been with Arch since around 2004-5 and I've never seen such a
hostility against a contributing user.

Konstantin clearly cares about his set of packages because they are
the tools of his trade and of some of his co-workers (at a
high-profile institution, not at some pet shop). It's also clear that
he's not just a packager but also a co-developer of at least some of
the software set. It's only normal for him to be concerned about the
way this package group is handled, given the importance of its
applications. That also was the very reason he applied for a TU.

Now, even if he had been over-zealous about it, justifiably so in
many's opinions, he had been a far cry from whining or implying
oppression or telling bald-faced lies or being a control-freak - jeez,
why such strong expressions? I read the word "implying" numerous times
in the bashing posts and some arguments (not all, for sure) were even
based on Konstantin's "hidden insinuations", not his actual arguments.

Mistakes do happen and I doubt that being a TU means being infallible
or indisputable. But watching a man getting severely reprimanded over
some petty mistakes, which had resulted from over-zealousness and not
mal-intent, is just sad.

Especially because it comes from the very people who advised him to
apply as a TU and that man is now appealing to.


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