[aur-general] surf-git doesn't build (for me, anyway)

Greg Minshall minshall at acm.org
Thu Dec 12 00:36:00 UTC 2019

hi.  surf-git


gets an error when building with makepkg (see below).  the problem is
correctable by

     cp -p src/surf/config.def.h src/surf/config.h

i.e., copying the suckless-supplied "default" config.h (named
config.def.h) to the config.h used in the build, then doing a

     makepkg -e

(there are also config.h files in . and in ./src identical to the one
supplied in ./src/surf; i didn't need to change those and am not sure
what they are for.)

cheers, Greg

ps: here's the error (the older function scroll() in surf was split into
two, i guess):
c99 `pkg-config --cflags x11` `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-3.0 gcr-3 webkit2gtk-4.0` -DVERSION=\"2.0\" -DWEBEXTDIR=\"/usr/lib/surf\"  -D_DEFAULT_SOURCE -DGCR_API_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE -fPIC -march=x86-64 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe -fno-plt -c surf.c
In file included from surf.c:302:
config.h:149:43: error: ‘scroll’ undeclared here (not in a function); did you mean ‘scrollh’?
  149 |  { MODKEY,                GDK_KEY_j,      scroll,     { .i = 'd' } },
      |                                           ^~~~~~
      |                                           scrollh

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