[aur-general] AUR Comment for white_dune

Frederick Zhang frederick888 at tsundere.moe
Fri Dec 27 08:08:07 UTC 2019

Hmmm... May I know whether you've actually uploaded your public key to

And what about the file permissions of your key files? IIRC it should be
something stricter than or equal to 600 for the private key. Output from
`ssh -Tv aur.archlinux.org` may help us further identify the issue.

Btw ~/.ssh/config actually doesn't need the first level of indentation. Sorry
that my email was a bit confusing. I remember this file should be indentation-
insensitive tho.

Best regards,
Frederick Zhang
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> On 27 Dec 2019, at 5:33 pm, J. Scheurich <mufti11 at web.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> Are you able to successfully run this command:
> ssh -Taur at aur.archlinux.org
> If not, you will need to fix your ssh setup until this works.
> $ ssh -T aur at aur.archlinux.org
> The authenticity of host 'aur.archlinux.org (2a01:4f8:160:3033::2)'
> can't be established.
> ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:L71Q91yHwmHPYYkJMDgj0xmUuw16qFOhJbBr1mzsiOI.
> Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no/[fingerprint])? yes
> Warning: Permanently added 'aur.archlinux.org,2a01:4f8:160:3033::2'
> (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
> aur at aur.archlinux.org: Permission denied (publickey).
> How to fix the ssh setup ?
> ssh-keygen do not help 8-(
> $ cat .ssh/config
>      Host aur.archlinux.org
>          User aur
>          PreferredAuthentications publickey
>          IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
> $ ssh -T aur at aur.archlinux.org
> aur at aur.archlinux.org: Permission denied (publickey).
> $
> so long

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