[aur-general] Handling coincidental name collisions.

Aniket Pradhan aniket17133 at iiitd.ac.in
Sun Feb 10 10:24:32 UTC 2019

Hello Everyone!

I am Aniket Pradhan, username: major, who wrote "lsd" and initiated the

I would like to thank everyone for their input on this matter.

I agree with the others, that this IS a silly little script. I wrote it
when I  was learning shell programming. I published it to the AUR because
it was going to be my first package here, and I wanted to keep it simple.

The reason I started the discussion was that I was not given enough time to
decide whether to delete the package or to rename it (or if it was my
decision or some other TUs). The reason also stated "not useful enough"
which was very ambiguous to me.  But, I guess that is resolved now since
"There is no such procedure to follow when deleting packages", quoted from
I never wanted this to become such big an issue. I just wanted to discuss
on the ethicality of the deletion. To be honest, I never wanted to contest
for that name "lsd", because I know that my script is very "trivial".

I would like to thank everyone, again, for participating in this discussion
and giving your feedback. <3. (Thank you, Alad for reminding me to add an
epilepsy warning).


Aniket Pradhan
Byld | Cyborg Member
ECE Undergrad | IIIT Delhi


I am new to the mailman, and I am not sure if I am creating a new topic or
replying to the existing one. Please excuse me for that.

> Occasionally I zen out to asciiquarium
Thanks for the recommendation, Brett. :P

Thank You Xyne, for starting out this thread. You too Trilby (if you are
around here) :)

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