[aur-general] Delete Git tree for new package with broken state

lambdadroid lambdadroid at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 12:43:06 UTC 2019


I've been trying to upload packages from archlinux-me176c [1] to the
AUR. My scripts create a subtree split of one package, then do quite
a bit of other magic and upload it to the AUR.

I've been having a few problems with "linux-me176c"
because I used to have large patch files in the repository (> 250 KiB).
So I modified the scripts to cut off the history after I switched to
fetching from a Git repository instead.

This works fine, but while testing I seem to have uploaded a broken
subtree or some temporary commit, so the new generated subtrees no
longer match what is uploaded on the AUR - making it impossible for me
to update the package (without force-push).

Deleting the package on the AUR was accepted automatically because of:
   Deletion of a fresh package requested by its current maintainer.
but I should have read on the wiki first that this does not delete the
Git tree. :)

Is there any chance to remove the Git repository of this new package,
or should I somehow try to recover that broken state?


[1]: https://github.com/me176c-dev/archlinux-me176c

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