[aur-general] package-base PKGBUILD with different architecture list for packages inside

Attila Greguss floyd0122 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 5 11:48:19 UTC 2019


I have a PKGBUILD Here

Is there a way to enable the commented out package in the PKGBUILD without
said package blocking the installation of the other packages on the
architecture it does not support?
I'm OK with splitting it out, but I thought I ask first if because I don't
know the capabilities of PKGBUILD/makepkg.

Some (not necessary) context:
Package is for dotnet, and the source archive includes dotnet-host,
dotnet-runtime, aspnet-runtime, dotnet-sdk for x86_64 and armv7h. For
aarch64 it does NOT contain aspnet-runtime files, but all the rest.

I tried to specify the architecture list for aspnet-runtime in the
PKGBUILD, but if someone tries to install any of the other packages on
aarch64 it will fail. (see commented out part in file)


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