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Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Tue Oct 29 21:32:15 UTC 2019

On 10/29/19 4:07 PM, Alberto Salvia Novella via aur-general wrote:
> Lukas Fleischer:
>> Another one is that we'd prefer you to not use a name that sounds very
>> official for a very unofficial project.
> That sounds reasonable in theory, but in practice it does nothing. The
> software does its work nicely, 

Hold on to those value judgments. Everyone likes to think their work
works nicely, but saying so isn't an intellectually meritorious argument
when discussing whether to make a rule or grant someone an exception to
a rule.

> and there's no official alternative that
> does such thing.

Well, there  is aurpublish, available in [community]. I think this is as
close to "official" for uploading packages to the AUR, as we're likely
to get.

(Disclaimer: I wrote aurpublish and think it is pretty nifty as far as
that goes.)

There shall never be an "official" way to download packages from the
AUR, however, other than "follow the clone or tarball links from the

See point #2:

> Plus being in the AUR implicitly suggests it's unofficial.

So I'm free to upload a package called "official-aur-helper", then?

> So it doesn't matter
> <https://signalvnoise.com/archives2/it_just_doesnt_matter.php>, it's
> just for the political correctness.

Saying the rules -- even brand new rules created in response to your
project -- "doesn't matter, it's just for political correctness" is not
a great way to convince anyone of things, IMO.

Your link talks about, essentially, "the perfect is the enemy of the
good enough". For example, a direct quote:

"Would these things be nice to have? Sure. Would they be great to have?
Sure. Would they be cool to have? You bet. But do they really matter?
Nope. And that’s why we left them out."

This is... not related to political correctness, and I would agree it's
not really worth implementing a blacklist just to deal with this, but
since we have a blacklist anyway, we can get the "cool to have" feature
of avoiding confusion with a pkgname="aur".

Your own link actually says we should block this package if it can be
trivially done without effort!

> I could name it "aup", but really,
> what's the deal? I simply thought that typing "aur get" would be more
> meaningful to the end user, but whatever.

What if the user tries typing 'aur sync', which is provided by the
'aurutils' package? Now we have two implementations of "aur", and they
don't correctly conflicts=() each other! At least one of them has its
own unique brand, though.
(It even has a logo:

> Another alternative is that you name what criteria such program shall
> meet to be considered official. And see if we can get to a common ground.

Now I'm genuinely confused. Are you asking for criteria for the sake of
getting your AUR helper to achieve the status of "official"?

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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