[aur-general] New package: disklow

Holger Jahn lists at loomsday.co.nz
Mon Sep 2 22:52:36 UTC 2019

> The AUR does not provide source code hosting, on the grounds that other
> places like Github, Gitlab, git.sr.ht, amd so on are doing it better.
> Moreover, source code hosting is a resource burden on the provider,
> which in our case we do not have either a business or community
> rationale for accepting. (Again: we provide hosting for build recipes > because build recipes are something specific to Arch).

Makes sense, and I would not have done it "my way" if it weren't for the 
fact that my source code is a single Perl file with a mere 1400+ lines 
of code.

Speaking of "borderline cases", such as mine:

One of the opt-depend packages my disklow is using, "msmtp-mta", is 
containing a single symlink (/usr/bin/sendmail => msmtp). Perhaps, I 
should have a look at its PKGBUILD (it's most likely simply calling "ln 
-s" in its install() section).

> More generally, why would you upload your project in a way that is
> targeted exclusively for Arch users? What if users of a different distro
> wanted to use your software?

Because I am going to provide the packages for them myself.

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