[aur-general] TU membership application

Alexander F Rødseth xyproto at archlinux.org
Thu Sep 5 07:45:04 UTC 2019


Giancarlo wrote:

> Well, I think it should be the other way around, you first mentor someone
and look with them into their packages and then decided about sponsorship.

That's your opinion, and here's mine: I don't think that's important. If a
candidate looks promising and there is an intention to both sponsor
(confirming by e-mail that the applicant is sponsored when they apply) and
an intention to mentor (at least look through the AUR packages and give
them helpful hints), I don't think the order matters, as long as everyone
is honest with each other and both things happens before the application is

That's not what happened in this case, though, since the application was
sent before there were any mentoring.

> Sergej already confirmed sponsorship.

I read his reply twice, but I could not see a confirmation of sponsorship.
Sergej, could you please clarify?

> But it seems neither of you actually mentored the applicant.

It did not happen. I explicitly wrote that I was not aware that he had sent
his application without any mentoring on my part.

> I don't think that simply foregoing the discussion period is the way to

If Sergej also confirms his sponsorship, the discussion period can begin.

>> If someone dislikes a TU application, it's easy to vote "no" in the vote
>> that follows.
>That's not how this should be faced. Ideally all the applications
>should have two sponsors that are actively mentoring the applicant and are
vested into
>their success.If we had that, applications would be voted "yes".

This is disregarding that I was first on vacation and then didn't have the
time to do any mentoring. I did not know that an application was sent.
Please, be more generous in your interpretations.

Levente wrote:

> Not judging here by any means about the applicant himself, but I consider
the current state as void as we frankly did not go through long discussions
and bylaw changes to implement two sponsors if at the end it doesn't
provide more value than having a bigger number and "having nothing against
because someone wants a package in the repo".

Have Sergej confirmed his sponsorship, though?

    Alexander F Rødseth / xyproto

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