[aur-general] TU membership application

Alexander F Rødseth xyproto at archlinux.org
Fri Sep 6 13:52:35 UTC 2019

I'm reading carefully through the TU bylaws, and I think they need some

> The addition of a TU may occur at any time.
> In order to become a TU, one must first find two sponsoring TUs following
the guidelines outlined below, and arrange privately with them
> to announce their candidacy on the aur-general mailing list. Following
the announcement, standard voting procedure commences with a
> discussion period of 14 days, a quorum of 66%, and a voting period of 7
> SVP( addition_of_TU, 14, 0.66, 7 );
> If a candidate is rejected by SVP, they may not reapply to become a
Trusted User for a period of three months.

* It's unclear if the "arrange privately with them to announce their
candidacy" part is a requirement or not, but it seems like it is.
* It's unclear if "the announcement" starts when the candidate announces
it, or when two TUs have confirmed the sponsorship.
* It's unclear if "the announcement" is part of the "standard voting
procedure", and/or if the confirmation of sponsorship is part of the
"standard voting procedure".

Since the announcement of the candidacy was done without it having been
arranged privately (unless Sergej did this), I believe the current process
is void (but possible to start again later: the addition of a TU may occur
at any time).

Best regards,
Alexander F. Rødseth

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