[aur-general] Naming issue of mysql-shell and (possibly) request for adoption

Frederick Zhang frederick888 at tsundere.moe
Tue Sep 10 06:31:15 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I am writing about the naming issue that I noticed about the AUR package
mysql-shell, i.e. I reckon it's better to rename it to mysql-shell-bin
since MySQL Shell is an open-source project and the package actually
downloads the prebuilt Ubuntu package. I tried reaching out to Raphaël,
who is the current maintainer, via the website comments and flagged it
out-of-date on 05 Aug but so far I've got no response.

The maintainer's account seems to still be active (package openrefine,
which is also owned by the maintainer, was updated on 01 Aug) but I'm
not sure whether this particular package is still maintained. If not,
I'm willing to adopt the package but instead of renaming it, I would
actually like to maintain one that's built from source. However since it
needs to be linked against V8 v6.7 (I've submitted an AUR pacakge [1]
for this), it'll take a while to build and it could be an unexpected
change for users I guess, so I wonder whether it's possible to:

    1. rename mysql-shell to mysql-shell-bin
    2. allow current mysql-shell users to upgrade to mysql-shell-bin by
    default like how 'replaces' works
    3. ...and I can submit a new mysql-shell package

Please shed some light on me. Thanks.

[1] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/v8-6.7-static/

Best Regards,
Frederick Zhang

Email:      frederick888 at tsundere.moe

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