[aur-general] Requirements to apply for TU?

alad alad at archlinux.org
Sun Aug 9 18:34:50 UTC 2020

Am 8/08/2020 um 14:07 schrieb Christian Rebischke via aur-general:
> On Sat, Aug 08, 2020 at 01:55:38AM -0500, Discussion about the Arch User Repository (AUR) wrote:
>> Just to add, could one become a TU in a pseudo-anonymous way? As in, just be
>> known in nickname only. Or does one have to give their real name in order to
>> become one? Looks like everyone has their real name in the wiki. Except for
>> Xyne, are they a special case?
> This is definitely possible. We can't check the realname anyway.
> Just know, that you are more likely to get elected without being
> anonymous. In the end it's still a matter of trust and I would prefer to
> not having anonymous people on important positions like the devops team.
> TU is maybe a different thing.
> just my 2 cents
> shibumi

I doubt this plays a significant role. Xyne had 0 "no" votes, for 
example. [1] If you're active across the internet, something like 
keybase is nice though. [2]

Also in any mediawiki installation, the full name is entirely optional: 
see "Real name is optional. If provided, it may be used to give you 
attribution for your work."


[1] https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-general/2009-April/004272.html
[2] https://book.keybase.io/guides/proof-integration-guide

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