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Carsten Haitzler raster at rasterman.com
Sun Aug 23 08:15:34 UTC 2020

Hi Everyone.

I'm Carsten - or Raster.

Sponsors: eschwartz and shibumi agreed to +1 me

I'm upstream founder of enlightenment, EFL, terminology and a few other things.
I work at Arm in Cambridge, UK (and live here). I've been involved in OSS and
releasing software since like 1995/96 or so for Linux (And other Unixen at the
time). I've worked on several distributions - RedHat, Debian (made custom
variant, not upstream) and Tizen. I pretty much eat, breathe and sleep C, and
of course that comes with the requisite "I can drive a shell script off a cliff
gracefully" developer skill-set. Linux is my OS. I don't dual boot. All my
machines are Linux machines without booting into anything else and that's been
the way for me for me since I got my first PC in 1996 after I had to give up on
the Amiga. This PC then ran just Linux and nothing else (never saw a DOS or
Windows install). In fact all but 2 of my machines are Arch Linux (Rockpro64 dev
board (debian SID) and my Ampere Emag aarch64 workstation (Ubuntu), my
pinephone has Manjaro for now which is kind-of-close to Arch...).

I already maintain the AUR packages for efl-git, enlightenment-git, rage-git,
efl-git-asan, enlightenment-git-asan and have for a long while now (also
co-maintain terminology-git). You can see that I'm responsive to issues people
bring up and fix them pretty fast. I have done some edits to the arch wiki as
well over time.

I will admit - I haven't really touched the Arch forums... I'm really an
IRC/Email person, but I am on #archlinux, #archlinux-offtopic (and
#archlinux-arm) most of the time.

I've been using arch as my primary/only distro now for maybe about 4-5 years.
I like its simplicity and "don't patch/modify things from upstream unless
absolutely needed" policy (as an upstream I smile warmly at this direction).
It's very developer friendly... and that's who I am. I also run ALARM on my
Rapsberry Pis.

I do spend most of my effort on the upstream work on these E related projects
as those are what I write, release, add features to and fix bugs in.

I'm about as googlable as it gets:

raster at rasterman.com

I know that there are a lot of packages to maintain for a very small number of
people, so I'm happy to help out.

I'd be best at taking over or being co-maintainer of:

* efl
* enlightenment
* terminology

Other packages I can add to community:

* rage (https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/rage - i maintain rage-git already)
* evisum (https://www.enlightenment.org/news/2020-06-07-evisum-05-release)

And in future any others that I think are past the bar of "worth including in
Arch community rather than AUR" over time (there are ones brewing or lurking
like EDI https://www.enlightenment.org/about-edi, Ephoto
https://www.enlightenment.org/about-ephoto, Enventor

I'd also be happy to help maintain packages I know I depend on and work with
that might be a bit niche like:

* packagekit
* ddcutil

And in general just help attack anything that I know enough about to be a bit
better than a bowl of dried up custard at that is in my general sphere of

My PGP key hash: 04F7A0E31E08D3E08D39AFEBD147F94364295E8C

Looking forward to pitching in and making Arch better :)

------------- Codito, ergo sum - "I code, therefore I am" --------------
Carsten Haitzler - raster at rasterman.com

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