[aur-general] Removing py2 (make-)dependency vs. keeping py2 features ?

Kr1ss kr1ss.x at yandex.com
Thu Aug 27 15:01:41 UTC 2020


some while ago, @flying-sheep passed on their `pycharm-community-eap` 
package to me, which I have been co-maintaining for a while at that 
point. Recently, I got a user request to remove the (make) dependency to 
`python2-setuptools`- which was used to pre-compile a Python 2 debugger 
provided from upstream - or make it optional.

Since on the one hand I agree that deprecating Python 2 is a good thing, 
but on the other hand there might be users who still (need to) work with 
Python 2, I'm wondering if and how to make a compromise would be the 
best way to go. There's no way to declare optional make-dependecies as 
far as I'm aware.

For the time being I've removed the makedep, but also have implemented a 
check in the `PKGBUILD` if `python2-setuptools` is installed anyways and 
under that condition, the precompiled Python 2 debugger is included. 

I'm not sure about this anyways, especially in regard to the official 
`pycharm-community-edition` package in the `community` repo, which does 
still depend on `python2-setuptools` at build time. Hence my query to 
the mailing list asking for opinions/recommendations how I should handle 
this. Any thoughts are welcome.

Thanks in advance !

  - Kr1ss -
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