[aur-general] EQ And Community Kindness

michael Bostwick mbostwick89 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 21:17:40 UTC 2020

    This is my first time writing the mailing list, to be honest I would
have preferred anther way of bringing this up, but *I didn't see an easy
way to bring my concern to someone who's empowered to fix this strong
comment or make it better.* I was looking into a package to solve a complex
programming task when I encountered a rather jarring pinned comment . (
https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/libc%2B%2B/#pinned-678768 )

Hi people, this is your regular reminder to SHUT UP about validpgpkeys
checks and complaints about the fact that test suites exist.

This package is doing the correct thing, and there has been a great deal of
pointless moaning and whining about it, but there is also multiple pinned
comments explaining why every one of those complaints is not only null and
void, but retroactively ridiculous.

The banhammer is ready and waiting in case you *still* want to ignore all
this on top of the Trusted User warning."

I really hope no one was banned by the writer of this comment, and I really
hope as trusted users in the future you guys would *be a little more kind*
to members of the aur community.  Many linux users may be familiar with
Linus Torvalds writings on his mistakes with EQ, I hope no one in aur has
to experience that.

For those trusted AUR members that have been kind I say *thank you for your
hard work*, and for those that mean well but are harsh please keep in mind
when you see a package the first thing you see in the pinned comment (and
alot of context that is missed), and that speaks loudly to your impressions
of aur.

Thanks For your time in reading my comment,
Michael B

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