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Mon Jun 8 13:08:04 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,

My name is Justin Kromlinger aka hashworks and I'm applying as a
Trusted User with the sponsorship of Thore Bödecker aka foxxx0 and
Christian Rebischke aka shibumi who recently reviewed my AUR packages
[1] – thanks for that! Some may know me from freenode#archlinux.de,
where I'm lingering since a few years. I am and will be reachable there

I was born in Germany in 1994. My oldest Arch installation dates back
to the month of July in 2015, at least according to my pacman logs.
Just a year later I successfully qualified as an IT specialist in
application development, together with a (soon to be expired) LPIC-1
certificate. Last year I got my bachelor's degree in informatics in
Leipzig (come visit me at the C3!), where I currently study for a
master's degree. So you could say Arch Linux accompanied my whole

I started my first job at a small web agency as a Developer, but I
slowly but surely turned into their System Administrator. At my current
job for a larger IT company my external e-mail signature states I'm a
"DevOps Engineer" – and while that term is by all means not fully
defined, it kinda describes what I do. I create and maintain pipelines
(mainly GitLabCI), design deployment processes and try to make our
Docker Images a bit saner every day. And since I was able to enforce
using Arch Linux on my work ThinkPad the distribution keeps on
supporting my life, so I might try to give a little back! While I try
to do some FOSS development in Go or – more recently – Rust now and
then [2], my free time mostly flows into the maintenance of software
and infrastructure for friends and family – and I have to admit that
BASH remains my most fluent language.

Regarding my own packages I would like to move filebin and pam-ihosts
since I use those on my servers. srrdb-terminal-client is also
something I regularly use that I would like to move. Additionally I
would like to ask to take over kiwix-desktop of which I maintain the
dependency chain (kiwix-lib, libzim and mustache) – and while I'm at it
the whole stack (mainly kiwix-tools). Other small packages that would
suite Community are mdcat and insect if the current maintainers agree.
i3blocks-contrib is another possible candidate, but I would need to
request new and frequent releases for that. Out of the orphaned
packages the only one I could reasonably maintain is hddtemp (since I
still use it).

For most of my packages I use a personal GitLab instance to verify the
builds with a pipeline [3] and since a while the process of new
releases is automated. If possible I would like to support Arch in that
direction, things that come to my mind are reproducible builds and
CI/CD for repo packages, migration from SVN to Git might be a larger
topic I could help with. Since I have an interest in keeping our GitLab
packages stable and up-to-date I would like to co-maintain that if
anatolik agrees.

Since the question comes up frequently in TU applications: I mainly use
a Telegram RSS bot [4] to monitor releases and urlwatch for stuff
without RSS feeds.

Best Regards

[1] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?K=hashworks&SeB=m
[2] https://github.com/hashworks
[3] https://git.hashworks.net/aur-packages
[4] https://github.com/iovxw/rssbot/blob/2.x/README.en.md
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