[aur-general] TU application: hashworks

hashworks mail at hashworks.net
Mon Jun 8 21:17:57 UTC 2020

Hi Jelle,

> * filebin - the package is not -git but does pull from git master,
> ideally it would use #commit= and maybe verify the commit if it's
> signed.

I've switched to `#tag=${pkgver}?signed` and `validpgpkeys`. Much
better than a checkout in `prepare()`, thanks!

> * srrdb-terminal-client is not reproducible at least not as you embed
> the build date.

Ah, correct. I've altered the date command to use `$SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH`,
good to know that exists.

> You can check if your package is reproducible by using `makerepropkg`.

I'll have to implement that in my pipeline, but that is something for
the weekend.

Best Regards


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