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Frederik Schwan freswa at archlinux.org
Sun May 17 03:06:03 UTC 2020

On 16/05/2020 21.01, Levente Polyak via aur-general wrote:
> I'm happy to _already_ work with you as you are doing a great job on the
> bugtracker. I hope we won't loose your power wrangling that beast :D

Thank you.
I'll stick to bug wrangling :)

> I managed to cut some free time to review all your packages, so here
> comes the feedback,

Some comments below.
> $ xxarhtna --user freswa
> adobe-icc:
> - could use TLS in url and source, because why not :}
> - would be a good idea to reuse $pkgver in source=()

I explicitly decided against using the ${pkgver} in the source, as the
version never changes. Adobe CS4 has long been superseded and there is
and probably never will be an update for this.
I don't see the improvement in this case. Please enlighten me :P
> chisel:
> dovecot-xaps-daemon:
> dovecot-xaps-daemon-git:
> dovecot-xaps-plugin:
> dovecot-xaps-plugin-git:
> duperemove-git:


> exfat-dkms-git:
> - shouldn't this package be named exfat-nofuse-dkms-git ? its not
>   just exfat-dkms, this is in fact exfat-nofuse

renamed to exfat-nofuse-dkms-git - merge request submitted

> exfat-utils-nofuse:
> flexbox-udev:
> gimp-plugin-separate+:
> gtkhotkey:
> heif:
> jtool-bin:
> latex-tuda-ci:
> libpurple-lurch:


> nameinator:
> - must not use 'go get' on a repo as thats not reproducible

Sadly upstream does not provide vendoring or go modules.
I filled a request to use go modules and will fix this when it lands in a release.

> onivim2:
> onivim2-git:
> open-ecard-git:
> OpenBoardView:
> or-tools-java:
> parcimonie-sh-git
> pass-sshaskpass:

renamed to pass-sshaskpass-git - merge request submitted

> - pkgname is wrong as this is in fact a -git package, but the name
>   makes it a static version one
> pdfposter:
> perl-ntlm:
> pinentry-rofi:
> python-requests-gpgauthlib:
> - repo seems to contain unit tests, would be worth running in a
>   check() function

Tests fail atm. I filled an upstream bugreport and I will add the tests once things are sorted out.

> talosctl:
> tbt:
> thunderbird-nightly:
> - this is not a source build and hence must be postfixed with -bin

renamed to thunderbird-nightly-bin - merge request submitted

> tomighty:> tpacpi-bat-git:
> wrench:
> xfce-polkit:
> xfce-polkit-git:


Changes can be found here:

Thank you for doing the review :)


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