[aur-general] Resignation as Trusted User

Radislav Golubtsov rgolubtsov at mail.ru
Mon Sep 7 20:10:28 UTC 2020

>Tuesday, September 8, 2020 6:28 AM +11:00 from Giancarlo Razzolini via aur-general <aur-general at archlinux.org>:
>Hi Guys,
>TL:DR, stepping down as TU, remaining as developer and devops.
>I have been dabbling with this for a while now, but I think it's time.
>I haven't been handling a lot of TU related stuff for a long time now (with
>exception to voting).
>Keeping TU rights just for voting isn't the right thing to do, so, I therefore
>step down as a TU.
>I'll keep working on mkinitcpio and on devops, and I will continue to be available
>to *everyone*. Please, one of you remove my TU permissions on aurweb. Thank you all.
>Giancarlo Razzolini
Really the time has come, Giancarlo ?! ))
    But nevertheless, thank you very much for your job regarding "AUR migration" in July this year, as the utmost deal.
    And thank you againg for resetting my password in the AUR somewhere in July-2015. ))
    I am quite sure those activities definitely were your TU-related dealings ! ))
Kind regards,
Radislav (Radicchio) Golubtsov

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