[aur-general] What's happened with URxvt upstream? And how to build dependent packages now?

Radislav Golubtsov rgolubtsov at mail.ru
Tue Aug 24 20:57:19 UTC 2021

Thank you, Nick, too for your proposals,
But what’s regarding unavailability of Mark Lehmann’s website and those URxvt tarballs from my side is probably caused by network problems, as Caleb supposed to be — maybe my ISP provider has blocked his website [1], that is very-very strange thing.))
Anyway, thank you for the terminal emulator alternatives to URxvt.
[1]  http://dist.schmorp.de
Kind regards,
Radislav (Radicchio) Golubtsov
>Wednesday, August 25, 2021 7:23 AM +11:00 from nick black <dankamongmen at gmail.com>:
>Radislav Golubtsov via aur-general left as an exercise for the reader:
>> What’s regarding your proposal instead of URxvt (Better Wheel Scrolling) — Alacritty [3] — I’d indeed, definitely have to try it out. Thank you for a suggestion.
>I highly recommend giving Kitty and WezTerm (especially the
>latter's most recent nightly builds) a try, or foot if you're on
>wayland. Alacritty is pretty weak on emoji, combining
>characters, and has no mainline bitmap protocol (ayosec has his
>graphics branch, but even that only implements Sixel).
>It's of course a fine terminal, and certainly a step up from URxvt.
>foot is a piece of art.
>nick black -=-  https://www.nick-black.com
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>you need first invent a universe.

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