[aur-general] [off-topic][ansible-aur] call for comment on pull request 50

Roland Puntaier roland.puntaier at chello.at
Mon Feb 1 10:50:57 UTC 2021

On Mon 21Jan25 13:32, alad via aur-general wrote:
>On 25/01/2021 13:09, Ralf Mardorf via aur-general wrote:
>>On Mon, 25 Jan 2021 12:03:12 +0100, Roland Puntaier wrote:
>>>>On 1/23/21 1:31 PM, Roland Puntaier via aur-general wrote:
>>>>>mathematics allows 0.
>>>0 is a number like every other.
>In this thread, 0 (as a neutral element for addition, or zero element 
>for multiplication) is conflated with the empty set (which has 
>*cardinality* zero).
>As such I would kindly ask people to stop using "mathematics" to make 
>their argument look legitimate.
>PS. https://www.hillelwayne.com/post/divide-by-zero/

What you say, sounds to me like:

A: he is smart.
B: No, you conflate he with a person. "he" consists of "h.e" and smart of "s.m.a.r.t".
    How can he be smart?

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